What do you get when you cross a disc golfer with a creative writer and beginner skill-level photoshop skills?cropped-cropped-turbo-king.png

Hi. My name is Chris. People call me Turbo King. That’s either because I am the undisputed King of Turbo Putts, or because I made it my logo and all of my social links too! I won’t try to convince you one way or another…

On the professional side, I am:

A creative writer with an emphasis on social media content development. Experienced in managing and contributing to social media accounts in the following categories: sports, higher education, quick service restaurant, clothing retail, amusement parks and nonprofit. Proficient in research and creative concepts. Organized, detail oriented and driven.

On the disc golf course, I am:

Non-traditional. I’m working on my regular putting, backhand, and forehand throws. But where I really excel is in the oddball throws! I have a decent thumber/tomahawk (1 thumber ace so far), turbo putts, scoobers, rollers, and an adult beverage-inspired throw that I’ve dubbed the “Fennell Flick!”

Join me for a round some time…I guarantee at least one of us will have a good time! ∇

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